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MWC Rear Loader Refuse Compactor has been designed and engineered to give outstanding reliable street performance. MWC offers a wide range of body volumes up to 32 cubic yard (24 cubic meter). Featuring the largest hopper compaction capacity with the most effective compaction mechanism for the fastest cycle times in the industry.

Refuse Compactor KSA - Metal Work Company


Our Sealing system between the body and tailgate always prevents leakage.
Our Rear Loader Refuse Compactor is operator friendly through ergonomically located controls with auto compaction cycles to reduce the risk of operator fatigue.
Strong, Reliable and Durable, our design incorporates the use of high tensile steel and high abrasion resistant steel to prolong the operating life and durability of our rear loader.
Designed & engineered with full welding inside and out to prevent corrosion and leaking. Outside the smooth modern single sheet exterior eliminates the need for any reinforcement profiles.


  • Capacity: 7 – 32 cubic yard (5 – 24 cubic meter)
  • Hopper Compaction Volume: up to1,700 liters
  • Semi-automatic compaction cycle
  • Hardox 400 equivalent flooring for high abrasion resistance
  • Single sheet smooth surface body siding
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic winch 12,000 pounds. (5,443 kilogram)
  • Standard Lifting system for 240, 1,100 and 1,700 liters containers as per standard EN 840
  • Special heavy duty tailgate and lifting device for 2.5 and 4.5 cubic meter containers as per standards EN 12574
  • Fast compaction cycle time
  • Light weight spring loaded Aluminum rear shutter curtain or hydraulic motor driven nylon curtain
  • Leach tank
  • High pressure washing system
  • Rear View Camera
  • Rear working light