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For more than 40 years Metal Work Company (MWC) has been a leading manufacturer of superior quality truck bodies used in a wide range of industries. MWC is a subsidiary of the Al-Thinayyan Group.


Since it was founded the business has been involved in manufacturing and supplying equipment used in: 

  • Waste Management & Recycling Equipment
  • Sewer & Industrial Cleaning Equipment
  • Road Sweepers
  • Material & Goods Transport Vehicles
  • Electric Utility Vehicles
  • Maintenance & Service Vehicles

In addition MWC makes and supplies bespoke equipment that is based on customer requirements. 

We pride ourselves on delivering equipment with the highest standards of quality, durability, reliability and safety to enhance our customers businesses and minimize their operational costs.

Since January 2017 our products have been manufactured at our newly inaugurated 35,000 square meter covered facility in Jeddah 3rd Industrial City using the most advanced manufacturing technologies. The products we produce are finished to the highest quality standards.

MWC products are sold internationally through a network of partners and direct sales in the MENA region. We guarantee your investment in our products through our large inventing and efficient after-sales service support.

All our raw materials, including the high-tensile and abrasion-resistant structural steel, meet the highest quality standards. They are imported from Europe, Japan and Korea .

Manufacturing advanced equipment used by public and private sectors for city cleaning and service.


MWC products are designed and manufactured to handle the toughest working conditions. Our Rear Loader Refuse Compactor is specially constructed to handle the toughest working conditions.
We constantly strive to enhance our products with innovative design and quality by using the latest manufacturing technologies.

For example, since 2014 we have acquired a three-station, 30-meter long gantry, robotic system to weld the bodies of our trucks which further enhances their quality and finish.

Our products are founded upon:

  • Innovation
  • Durability And Efficiency
  • Being Economical 
  • High Quality 
  • Custom Design 

To complete our products and to adhere to the principles upon which MWC is founded we nurture strong partner and supplier relations.

Indeed, we rely on experienced partners and suppliers who manufacture components and equipment with the very highest level of quality. All of our suppliers are leaders in their market sectors. They set the bench marks for their industries so we can count of them constantly strengthening our product quality, reliability and durability.

MWC offers a diversified range of products all of which are equipped to deal with the most rugged environmental and operational conditions. All our products come with a one-year guarantee and warranty, along with the highest level of support and after sales service. 

We are continuously working on advancing and expanding our product range so that we can satisfy the ever-evolving and advancing requirements of customers in the MENA Region.


By constantly innovating and introducing the latest manufacturing technologies we are working towards enhancing our already high quality products.
Our new production facility and headquarters is located in Jeddah, 3rd Industrial City. It has a covered-up area of 35,000 square meter.
The manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest production technology to ensure on-time delivery and excellent quality.
With more than 350 employees, MWC has the production capacity to satisfy the most demanding delivery requirements.
This has been proven time and again through our large city cleaning and service fleet deliveries for all the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
With our new factory our production capacity surpasses 1,500 truck bodies each year.

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Manufactured Rear Loader Refuse Compactors


The strengths of MWC include our extensive inventory of genuine parts, plus strong after-sales support & service.

Our customers expect dependable service and spare part availability. We offer this through our service facilities in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam where we have teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians to deal with all our customers service needs and spare parts requirements.


  • Strong technical support
  • Genuine Parts in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam
  • Three workshops in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam
  • A fleet of mobile workshop vehicles
  • After sales engineers and technicians available on call

With our extensive inventory of genuine spare parts, we are able to minimize customers downtime. The spare parts availability is guaranteed throughout the life of our equipment. MWC’s spare parts specialists have access to customers equipment serial numbers so they can easily determine any spare parts required. 


Our exceptional after-sales support service gives customers a truly great whole life product experience. We pride ourselves on our trustworthy service response, reliable spare parts division, based on excellent training. We believe we ensure a cradle to grave package that is unmatched in our industry.

With this unique emphasis on customer service, we are able to provide comprehensive training to mechanics and operators. Also, we can provide on-site service and technical advice at our customers locations to further support their investment with us.

At MWC we work closely with our customers in order to fully understand their needs and attain the highest level of customer satisfaction. We aim to build solid partnerships with all our customers.


MWC invests in research and development of new technologies, processes and materials in order to achieve a more sustainable future.

We constantly strive to improve and advance our products to attain ever higher levels of quality.

Our goal is always to understand the customer’s requirements to offer them optimal solutions that match their needs. We produce equipment that is engineered and manufactured using the latest technologies to meet the customer’s demanding conditions and environment.

Our intention is always to lead with innovative products and solutions that customers can depend upon to help them improve their business results.




We at MWC work closely with all the truck dealers and have the detailed knowledge of all the chassis models and specifications. Our relationship is strong and efficient with all chassis dealers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. This enables us to fine tune the logistics of body construction and chassis preparation with detailed accuracy.

At MWC our sales and technical teams are available to assist our customers in choosing a truck chassis model that best meets the product requirements. A true single source provider, we can arrange a complete turnkey that includes the chassis of your choice.

This is a list of all the truck manufacturers upon which we have the detailed knowledge and experience of bodybuilding our product range:


We are committed to advancing our product offering through our dedicated commitment to product excellence by developing, manufacturing and supplying sustainable waste management and recycling equipment to align ourselves with the future demands of city cleaning equipment for a sustainable future. To do this we are integrating intelligent systems to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of waste collection. Continuously investing in product R&D, working closely with our customers and further developing our employees is key to our future success.  Our goal is to be a global player in the supply of city cleaning and servicing equipment.